Project:52, splash photography (week 2.5)

The idea of a Project:52 is to experiment with something new each week, but since our original attempt at splash photography seemed much more like a trial run than a wild success, Erin and I decided to give it a second go.  We still have a plan for another shoot this week, but we really wanted to take another crack at capturing some great splashes.  This time, our set-up was much more refined:  we used a tall, cylindrical glass vase to hopefully cut down on the distortion we got with the plastic rectangular container, and set our cameras on tripods so the camera and settings remained stable while we could watch more closely to capture the splash.

We also decided to experiment with different coloured backgrounds and different types of fruit.  With several vibrant colour combinations available and tested, for some reason I was drawn to a  monochromatic scheme:  pairing blackberries with black construction paper (which read as a dark, purpley grey under the studio lights.)  This sudden interest in monochrome is something I first played with in last week’s photo of the week,  and I’m not quite sure I understand why this is working for me lately, but this year is all about experimentation, so I’m gonna go with it!

Even with our refined set-up, I did do quite a lot of clean-up in PhotoShop to get rid of unwanted water and reflections on the walls of the vase.  I quite like the results, although the picky girl in me can notice a bit of blur in some of the water drops.  But, it’s an experiment, and I’m loving the learning process!